Entry Rules

I, the Athlete, confirm by signing this Registration Form that I read and understood the entry rules as stated below as well as I, the athlete, accept them.
The official language of this competition is English.
The 'Aida competition regulations' as published by A.I.D.A. International apply, especially the Points 3.1 and 3.2. They can be downloaded here.
The athlete has paid the entry fee in advance.
No refunds will be given if the athlete does not participate in the event, is disqualified or barred from one or more parts of the event.
The athlete is at least 18 years old (or 16 with written and signed parental consent).
The athlete has signed and submitted this registration form.
The athlete must show a signed and valid “medical certificate of non contraindication to freediving” in English or an accepted equivalent (please check acceptance in advance) upon registration, which is not more than 1 year old, as well as he must prove his identity by showing an ID-Card, Passport or the like.
The athlete declares that he will be videotaped and photographed during this event and agrees by signing, that A.I.D.A. Austria may publish and use the (moving) pictures in whatever way A.I.D.A. Austria wants.
A.I.D.A. Austria will publish some personal data of the athlete like Name, Age, Sex,… (e.g: for the ranking).
In no way will A.I.D.A. Austria or any persons associated with A.I.D.A. Austria be held responsible for any injuries or problems that may occur during the event. I, the athlete, know about the risks of freediving and will take any steps to not impose any risks to the event or people participating in it. A.I.D.A. Austria takes any by A.I.D.A. International recommended steps and measures to minimize risks for the athletes or any other persons enjoying the event.