How do I get there?

Please use google-maps to plan your arrival.

Achensee Camping Schwarzenau
Achenkirch N°1
Phone: +43 (0)664 4662070

Street: Achenkirch N°1

ZIP/Postal Code:  6215
City: Achenkirch


Is available at the camping or try nearby villages.

Please check HRS or booking.com or other web sites for accomodation.




Why a lake competition?

Achensee is one of the highest Austrian lakes (we expect 20 degrees on the surface and more than 10m visibility. The scenery is fabulous as is the water quality, as well as the infrastructure. This holds true for everyday-life things as well as for freediving. Be prepared for some typical lake diving, though. This means you should at least bring a 5mm suit, hood, gloves and socks! A platform with a counter weight and warmup lines will be available.

In which disciplines may I compete?

In 2 disciplines!

The disciplines are called Constant Weight NoFins (CNF) and Free Immersion (FIM).

What is this? -> info

Are there any fees?

The fee is 70,- EURO for all AIDA Members (starting fee, BBQ) and 80,- EURO for others (fee, BBQ, entry, ...). Sorry that we cannot pay back if you cancel to come.

How many athletes will participate in the event?

We are sorry that we will only have limited places. So the number of starters will be maxed out with 30. The starts will be given away by first pay - first serve principle.

Can I win something?

We will raffle 2 brand new SUUNTO Di4 Freedive computers amongst all athletes.

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Are there any rules?

Yes, as this is a competition, there are a many of them. Please check out the official Competition Regulations as published by the AIDA International.

For newbies - The most important rules are:

  • Start your dive within 30 seconds from the official top
  • complete the surface protocol within 15 seconds after resurfacing
  • Don't grap the line while airways are submerged (except on your turn 2m from the plate. This part will be marked!) or Free Immersion ;)
  • The surface protocol (SP) is defined by the AIDA International (in the above mentioned document in Point as follows:

Surface protocol:
1) remove ALL facial equipment (mask, goggles and nose clip).
2) give 1 visible OK-sign to the judge.
3) give 1 verbal OK to the judge by saying "I'm OK" or "I am OK"

All the above items must be done IN THIS SPECIFIC ORDER within the time window of 15.0 seconds upon resurfacing. Before starting the SP and after completing the SP the athlete has the liberty to make multiple verbal/visible signals. However, as soon as the SP has started all other/extra signals will lead to disqualification (noted as "failing SP"). The SP is considered as completed when the athlete has given the verbal OK.

If this is your first competition please don't hesitate to ask if unsure. Contact us, or ask a judge in between the registration and the first official top (later on they won't have time because they will be busy judging).

Anti - Doping

Like all AIDA Competition also this competition is held under the Anti-Doping Rules of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency Austria). It is the duty of the Athlete, to inform him-/herself, which Substances are on the list of prohibited substances. Every violation of this rules will be prosecuted.


Safety has the highest priority for the AIDA Austria. We don't make any compromise if it comes to a issue of safety. So please be aware that we will stick to the AIDA International regualtions tightly and we will check all Lanyards. Dives without Lanyards are forbidden. Yes, even on the warmup lines! We have a highly professional team working for this competition. If you would like more information about our staff, please check: Team!