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Cool Down 2016

organized by A.I.D.A. Austria on

Saturday, 9th July

For the 5th time, A.I.D.A. Austria and NAUTILUS organize and host a deepdiving event. Both newbies and "professionals" are welcome.


The competition will take place at the lake Attersee on 9th July 2016, in the village Weyregg am Attersee (Tauchschule NAUTILUS) where we had our very first competition back in 2011.

We organize a freediving weekend with courses, talks, safety training and a lake WR attempt from Michal Risian on Sunday (CMAS).

Roswitha Prohaska and Willibald Welslau will hold a DAN OXYGEN First Aid Course. Interessted people may send an email to aida@aida-austria.at. Special price is 60,-- EURO. Course last 3-4 hours and will be Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday morning.

On Saturday we will have the Austrian depth championship and in the evening we will have a BBQ! Is there a better way to celebrate than with other freedivers after a competition?

So don't hesitate to register! for the competition.

We especially invite newcomers (never done a depth competition) to join in.

SALVIMAR have sponsored prizes for the best female and male divers.

Disciplines: FIM or CWT/CNF (counter weight available) only 1 Ranking
Type: Individual, International; max. -70m ; max. 30 Athletes
Where: Lake Attersee, Dive Centre NAUTILUS; Weyregg am Attersee
Coordinates: 47.90569, 13.5677141
When: Saturday 9th July 2016, 09:00 (MESZ)
Starter fee:
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incl. BBQ, entry fee and fun
3 Rankings:

Austrian Championship (national m/f), 
CoolDown Champion (international m/f)
SUBGEAR Newcomer Cup (m/f)